Last minute villas in Barbados Xmas 2019

Looking for last minute villas in Barbados Xmas 2019 ?Here are a small selection of the beautiful last minute villas in Barbados Xmas 2019.FOOTPRINTSA luxury 5 bedroom suite villa in a wonderful spot on the beach in Barbados. A Kelly Hoppen interior designed luxury home. Beautiful contemporary home with private swimming pool and wonderful... ... Read more

20 Nov, 2019
Mexico's best villas to rent

Mexico's best villas to rentMexico is a multi cultural country with some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. It has become a very popular destination for travellers.To read more about Mexico click hereTime and again we are asked to recommend Mexico's best villas to rent. Here are some of our favourite of Mexico's best villas to rent:... ... Read more

11 Nov, 2019
Top 10 villas in the Caribbean

Here is our personal choice of Top 10 villas in the Caribbean1. The Great House, Barbados2. Over Yonder Cay, Bahamas3. Sanzaru, Barbados4. Alaya, Barbados5. The Sanctuary, Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos 6. Bananaquit, Jumby Bay, Antigua7. Calivigny Island, Grenada8. Oleander, Jumby Bay, Antigua9. Casa Tres Soles, Puerto Vaillerta, Mexico10.... ... Read more

05 Nov, 2019
Luxury eco resorts

More visitors now choose to stay in luxury eco resorts with sustainable environments. They want to eat organic meat, fish and vegetables raised/grown on the resort.If you are looking for for one of the super luxury eco resorts it will be difficult to beat Wa Ale Island resort.  The resort is set within the 5,000-acre island of Wa Ale. It... ... Read more

17 Oct, 2019
Luxury yacht charters in Greece with crew

LUXURY YACHT CHARTERS IN GREECEIf you are looking for luxury yacht charters in Greece then look no further.Alexa J is a stunning 38 metre superyacht. She is a sailing schooner that exudes style, spacious interiors, a bespoke service and complete privacy. She is chartered with an experienced crew of 6.Alexa J is a luxurious superyacht like no other... ... Read more

15 Oct, 2019
The Great House Barbados 2020

The Great House Barbados is probably the most luxurious beach front villa estate in Barbados. It is a 12 bedroom fully staffed villa which can accommodate up to 30 guests. It may be booked on an 8-12 bedroom basis.We think this could be the best private villa in the Caribbean. The Great House will be available to receive bookings from 15 December... ... Read more

08 Oct, 2019
Croatia villa holidays- don't miss Magnificent Croatia for Summer 2020 !

Croatia villa holidays are really very special. Croatia is renowned for its magnificent Adriatic coastline. The sea is the most stunning blue-green colouring with crystal clear waters.  The views from every angle are quite breathtaking. Croatia sits against the backdrop of green hills, mountains and forests.Enjoy mesmerising vistas of... ... Read more

26 Sep, 2019
10 bedroom villas to rent in Barbados

10 bedroom villas to rent in BarbadosThere are only a limited number of luxury10 bedroom villas to rent in Barbados.Amongst them here are our favourite 10 bedroom villas to rent in Barbados:SANZARUSanzaru is an outstanding 11 bedroom villa. It offers the ultimate in luxury furnishings and design. It also offers a spa and spa services, gym and... ... Read more

24 Sep, 2019
Top 10 villas in the world

Top 10 villas in the world- Our personal selection of villas to rentAre you looking to rent an ultra luxury villa-maybe one of our Top 10 villas in the world. Not sure where to go? Contact us today to discuss our Top 10 villas in the world.This is our personal list of Top 10 villas in the world to rent for that special holiday or... ... Read more

20 Sep, 2019
Top 10 villas on the beach in Barbados

TOP 10 VILLAS ON THE BEACH IN BARBADOSThere are so many beautiful villas in Barbados. If you are looking to rent one of the Top 10 villas on the beach in Barbados here are our recommendations. These are not in any order of preference.1. THE DREAMThe Dream is a stunning contemporary 5 bedroom home located on the west coast of Barbados. It is a... ... Read more

12 Sep, 2019

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