Luxury Villas In Anguilla - Life After Hurricane Irma

Category 5 Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on the beautiful Caribbean Islands in September 2017. On the 6th of September the British Overseas Territory of Anguilla was blasted by 185mph winds that caused huge damage to the beautiful island. While many homes and hotels were damaged, the British responded quickly, and the Anguillans were terrific in looking out for each other. 

Now 6 months or so on we are so pleased to say that Anguilla really is ready for you! The quality of the luxury villas in Anguilla is outstanding. 

It’s actually a great time to visit Anguilla.  The beaches look as fantastic as ever and almost all of the non-hotel restaurants, for which Anguilla is famous, are now open. 

Power was 100% fully restored to the island pre-Xmas, and wired internet is pretty much everywhere now as is cell phone service. 

The largest hotels are not yet open – most won’t open until November – so while Anguilla beaches are never crowded, you have them even more to yourself and easy to get tables at the restaurants. A luxury villa in Anguilla is the ideal way to explore this fantastic island, privacy and freedom to dine in or out as you please.

 Worldwide Dream Villas have a selection of fabulous luxury villas in Anguilla, her are a few of our favourites.

Click here to see our full collection of villas to rent in Anguilla.


Cerulean Villa & Private Spa 

luxury villas anguilla


Le Bleu 

luxury villas anguilla



anguilla villas to rent



Anguilla luxury villas



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