Best places to dive in the Caribbean

Tobago is on of the best places to dive in the Caribbean. It is highly regarded and has over 50 well established dive sites. There are unspoilt reefs thick with sponges and corals. The world's largest known brain coral is in abundance here.

Divers will find closely huddled schools of fish under the reefs. There are also moray eels, lobsters and sea horses. Many divers look for the headline attractions. Thes include barracudas, tarpons, sting rays, nurse sharks and turtles.


Best places to dive in the Caribbean

The unspoilt northern Caribbean coast of Tobago has a number of beaches where every year turtles come to  nest. The nesting season for the impressive Leatherback Turtles is from March to September. The hatchlings emerge six weeks after laying.

For the rest of the year, if you're lucky, an encounter with the common Green Turtles or even the Hawksbill Turtle is possible. These species visit Tobago all year round.

Tobago is natural, beautiful and unspoilt. It is a charming island where the locals are welcoming.

Tobago offers excellent year-round diving at a range of dive sites. It is suitable for both novice divers and those more experienced.

A must-do dive has to be ‘Japanese Garden’. This is a drift dive with some interesting topography. Creature highlights include southern stingray, hawksbill turtles and Caribbean spiny lobsters. There are also white-spot filefish, queen angelfish and garden eels.

You may also enjoy diving on the must-see wrecks in Tobago. These invlude the MV Roundtable and the MV Maverick. Each wreck is encrusted with colourful sponges. Towards the stern of the MV Maverick, there is a resident wolf fish and migratory cobias.

When on dry land you might enjoy a hike to Argyle Falls. The falls stunning and en-route you will encounter spectacular bird life. You may see the rufus-tailed jacamar, mot-mot and chachalaka, the national bird of Tobago.

Whether you’re a diver, birder, explorer or beach- goer, Tobago has something for everyone.

The island is full of friendly people and offers visitors a lively atmosphere. There are also stunning beaches and natural landscapes.

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Villa Ohana

Best places to dive in the Caribbean

Villa Ohana ( the Hawaiian word for family rest-house) is a unique tropical 4 bedroom villa in Tobago. It was built in 2002. It sits perched high on the hillside at the end of a small sandy cove. It is on over an acre of land and is rented with the services of staff. These include 2 housekeepers, laundress and night security man.

Best places to dive in the Caribbean

Although not strictly a private beach, access is very limited. Villa Ohana guests have exclusive use of the steps through the garden.

The extensive and dramatic views of the Atlantic can be enjoyed from all areas of this special peaceful haven, an ideal place to escape to with family and friends.

Best places to dive in the Caribbean

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